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    Wednesday, May 14th, 2003
    10:32 am

    i've been overwhelmed and overworked and not able to get to lj for quite a while.

    you know, i haven't missed the drama. there are lots of you that i do want to keep in contact with and i do care what's going on day to day with you. there are many eloquent writers on my friends page and i do miss that turn of phrase that describes you so very well but i am not going to be an active member of lj. i just can't. i caught myself putting off family and store duties to read, comment and write.

    i felt like the mom who only saw her child through the lens of the viewfinder. too busy recording life to live it.

    i may check in from time to time to your individual pages but i can not continue to record without living.

    thank-you for being there for me when i needed you, i'm sorry i can not return the favor through lj but you know my phone number, where i live and/or my email so feel free to contact me if you need/want.
    Saturday, April 26th, 2003
    7:52 pm
    big words of the day
    phylogeny recapitulates ontogeny.

    so there.
    oh, other lexography trivia:

    sophia was the ancient being which represented the whole...served to embody wisdom which in turn was the understanding of art, science and religion (since they weren't differentiated for quite a while)

    anthros is man


    anthroposophy (anthropo- + (theo)sophy) is the philosophy that man can emulate wisdom through melding art, science and religion within one vessel.

    pretty cool huh?

    oh yeah, that was two ways of saying the same thing :P
    Friday, April 25th, 2003
    10:39 am
    have i ever expressed exactly how much i hate dealing with the government?

    i've been trying for the past three days to talk to the inspector about food licensing, either he's just on his way out the door, in a meeting or the phone is busy. i even stopped in yesterday!!

    he finally calls me back (he did try yesterday when i was unavailable....once) and he says "well, i have a check list i can have you look over then you can ask me questions based on that."

    so why didn't the ladies yesterday give me that darned list? they have a list for freekin everything...they should have known to at least look to see if there were a list for me.

    now he's going to mail it (yup, city hall is exactly two blocks from here and he's going to mail it) this afternoon...not going to be of much help when i have to make my decision this afternoon. too bad i'm not available to go pick it up, it would be so much more expedient.

    Wednesday, April 16th, 2003
    7:50 am
    TMICollapse )
    Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
    9:41 pm
    passover began at sundown.

    one of the mothers at school asked what she could bring to school for her son for snack on thursday...she was wanting him to have kosher food. needless to say, the rice balls we usually have are not quite kosher.

    i tried to talk her down and to reassure her that we could have something kosher on thursday. her quote "no, there's nothing possible that you could have there that would be kosher" wracking my brain, trying to come up with something (knowing absolutely NOTHING about kosher law) then i thought, there shouldn't be any laws against fresh fruit...that one surprised her. she said sure, as long as we could get the menu changed, that i was able to find something kosher. (go barb)

    why would i even care? well, cause even though waldorf is shuned (in this community at least) because the founder was supposedly anti-semetic (go barb, don't even know that much about the founder of the school she's sending her kid to), three of the fourteen kids that go there are jewish and so's the lead teacher. i don't think it'll kill the kids to be kosher for a week (8 days)...besides what would it kill any of us to be kosher for a while?

    anyway. rambling. it makes sense in my head...with all the parts talking at once. darn one track of black and white. :P
    Monday, April 14th, 2003
    12:27 pm
    holy delivery batman!
    so i got a call a couple days ago from someone wanting to unload 25 boxes of books. i wasn't too thrilled cause well, when people want to get rid of books, it's usually more for me to go through them and give most of them to the library than it is getting something. yeah. 463 books. a good chunk of them beautiful coffee table books, another 20 or so i can sell just by calling people up who are looking for particular authors and books and the rest i would have taken more than half if i had the money to buy them.

    someone must want me to stay in business. i needed a good influx of capital.

    oh, and the brochures i was working on, just walked in and they all need to be folded in thirds, a piece of tape, a stamp and a mailing label put on half of them.


    anyone want to donate a few hours of your time? i'm willing to pay in books too...hrm maybe pizza. beer?

    there goes my plans to work on the herb garden tonight.

    and where o where am i going to put all of these books? i was already stocked to the brim!!!

    (i'm not complaining though)
    11:40 am
    We make the world significant by the courage of our questions, and by the
    depth of our answers. Carl Sagan
    10:13 am
    sounds fair and logical to me...
    we were listening to npr this morning about the technological revolution in china and the oldest pipes up with "I heard them say they were going to stop the revolution. what revolution, who's stopping it?" (i know, quite the sentence from the five year old, but what can i say?) i tried to explain that the revolution is a lot of people trying to make better computers for everyone but there are people who don't want other people to have access to lots of information so they are trying to stop the businesses from making better computers. he said "then someone should take a wrecking ball and knock down the busnisses!!" (appropriate fist swinging here). i told him that the businesses were trying to help people and it was the chineese government that was trying to stop them so he said

    "then we need to take a wrecking ball and knock down the government!!"

    that's my boy.
    Sunday, April 13th, 2003
    10:39 am
    who da bomb?
    15 minutes. doorstep to doorstep.

    it takes 30-40 with the boys. daaaaaammn.
    Friday, April 11th, 2003
    8:40 am
    i just want to be human
    i'm not super woman.

    i'm not a blathering imbicle (i hope)

    why is it i'm only treaded as one of the above and never as a human with wants, needs, desires and wishes?
    Saturday, April 5th, 2003
    7:29 am
    Fine day to work off excess energy. Steal something heavy.
    Thursday, April 3rd, 2003
    4:25 pm
    Quarter recall
    Did you know the Nebraska quarter has been recalled by the US Treasury?
    According to officials there, the quarter doesn't work in parking meters, toll
    booths or vending machines. Apparently the duct tape holding the two
    dimes and nickel together jams up the machines. In Kansas they seem to
    have solved this problem by switching to baling wire.
    7:20 am
    fund raising
    so i've decided that if i can find $10k somewhere, i'll move the store to main street.

    the space is a bit bigger...the main floor is smaller than the current space, but there is a downstairs and an extremely spacious and open upstairs. i'm thinking children and fiction on the main floor and non-fiction downstairs. there's an area to look at books and process them (although not well lit, need to get lamps) then use the entire upstairs for meeting area, lan parties (there's a huge wall where you can put a projector), study area....there's also a kitchenette. i could get it certified and make baked goods to sell. that would give me something to do while working with the boys...and we could do cooking lessons at work too!!!

    the spot is prime downtown the (almost exact) middle of main street. there's a door to the parking lots in the back. the whole place is finished in oak. that's what is drawing me and making me feel doubtful. if it's all nice and polished, i might loose my hole in the wall feel.

    so, the 10k would go toward buying a fridge, stove and maybe a dishwasher. lots and lots of lamps, furniture (for the areas upstairs), lost business from having the store closed or in two places, paying the employees and all the rest of the people i'll recruit to move things around. the first couple months rent (the rent is double what i'm paying now) and a bit to pay for rent at the old place while moving. i'm hoping that if it's well enough co-ordinated and well enough staffed that i can get every thing moved in 24 hours. a saturday night through sunday?

    anyone got a spare $10 sitting around? (add as many zeros as you feel necessary :P)
    Thursday, March 27th, 2003
    8:52 am
    cooking day
    whew. now THAT was a cooking day.

    i turned three chickens and three pounds of ground lamb, with about $40 of groceries (which included half of a 6.5# brick of mozarella cheese) into:

    7 qts of chicken soup...more like runny vegetable stew with chicken in it (it's green!!! i can't seem to make chicken soup the same way twice)
    10 c of chicken salad
    1 meatloaf
    2 pans of lasagne
    2 c of spaghetti sauce (left over sauce from the lasagne)

    i didn't make it to the noodles, pumpkin pie or cookies. the cookies got done today...i'll do the pie and noodles after cleaning the kitchen, if there's time.

    mmm. can't wait to introduce zaiah and jahxon to the perfect travel grandma's oatmeal raisin cookies.

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Tuesday, March 25th, 2003
    4:45 pm
    it's almost five o'clock
    and all is well.
    Sunday, March 23rd, 2003
    11:09 pm
    for scott...
    since he needs things to read ;P

    i'm always amazed at how well my boys behave. they waited for 40 minutes this morning for the bus and almost an hour tonight. they played happily around the bus stop and did well on the bus. neither of them were all that cranky at the store (well, the usual too tired when the youngest needed a nap and the oldest did something deliberate to tork me off but...)

    i love my boys. i'm so glad that they love each other so much. you should see the youngest's face when he sees big brother and how proud big brother is to have a young tod-ler around. he's not a baby any more (yippie!!, oops, did i say that out loud?) cause he's walking.

    i should get some sleep.
    Wednesday, March 19th, 2003
    7:37 pm
    yeah. i hate the store some days.

    well, to be more specific, i hate discover.

    i had ONE card that i have EVER had to take an imprint of...the phone line was down...somehow, this ONE F@#$%ING card is invalid. how, i have no idea...imposter credit card? they didn't pay their bill and it's been canceled? they canceled it cause it was stolen? signature matched the card though.

    so i call them, thinking it's a problem with my machine. nope. it's an invalid number. they can't do anything about it...i have to call the customer to get the right number...and, prey tell, how are they going to give me a different number than the one that's imprinted?

    course, that's assuming i was smart enough to get contact information from them.

    *sigh* those tax write-offs sure are piling up quickly this year.
    Tuesday, March 18th, 2003
    8:07 pm
    did you know?
    that scarlet fever is a form of strep?

    i did not know that. i learned that today. i would rather have learned it a different way but *shrug* new knowlege is new knowlege.

    the little one has a rash...tip top of his head to the way end of his toes. the doctor said that strep was going around so he wanted to get a culture. being confused, i asked what that had to do with the rash...he said "scarlet fever. scarlet is a name for red, and it's a red rash all over the body."

    so i think i was too embarrased that i did not know that scarlet fever was a form of strep to be worried that he actually had it.

    besides...he's been totally normal, no wierdness outside of looking funny.

    the test came back negative so the prevailing opinion is a random virus or he's mildly alergic to strawberries. i'm hoping for the strawberries. i don't like random things that i don't know about.
    Friday, March 14th, 2003
    10:39 am
    I love i love i love destrophy!!!

    the concert kicked ass. there were three things that i noticed that were different from normal though:

    1)there were more girls than just me and the band member's girlfriends (hrm, venue maybe, cedar falls has more girls than places i'm used to)

    2) people were moving...hrm, the girls started a mosh pit. i think it was their influence...they didn't stop moving and, well, lets just say some of the dancing was conducive to getting the guys to move too...well as far as that kind of dancing goes at a rock concert. you just can't NOT move when the girls are bumping into you :P

    3) there were people standing up!!! i hate iowa. they don't know how to enjoy a concert. of course the loud music is going to suck if you aren't standing and dancing...or at least standing around people dancing. rock music isn't for sitting down. silly pooper-heads.

    i skipped, ran, jumped and turned circles the whole 20 minutes it took to walk back to the warmth of the apartment.

    and i'm still buzzed off the adrenaline!!
    10:30 am
    it just doesn't add up
    so i'm buzzing home this morning...the low fuel light comes on, not worried. it does that when there's 3 gallons left...check out the mpg and miles on this tank numbers (i love my prius)...they support my somewhere near 3 gallons left theory.

    it dinged at 310 galons on the tank marker. 37.5 mpg...should be able to get 412 on this tank, there's over a hundred miles left. no problem!!

    get home, pick up dante, drop him off at school...375 miles on the tank. the car starts to flip out. warning lights everywhere, it keeps dinging, the gas engine won't turn on....have i said lately that i love my prius? the car is doing fine for a little while, will get to 35mph before it doesn't let me go any faster. then it realizes that the battery is getting drained...30, 27, 24, 23, 22, 21 (at this point i put on my hazards, i'm in a 30mph zone), 20. pull over for the gas station.

    11.66 galons in an 11 galon tank. oops. the guage didn't even show no was still blinking one bar. wierd.

    now i'm hoping that the tank wasn't filled up all the way the last time it was filled cause i really don't want to give up my nifty little mathmatical method of figuring out how much gas i have left. it's more reliable than the least it was.
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